Amsterdam City Camp. Open 365 days per year.

Amsterdam City Camp is a campsite, designed especially and FOR MOTORHOMES ONLY after a new concept. The location is based next to the well-known NDSM shipyard, which will give you a spectacular view over the river ‘IJ’ in the evening. This unique campsite is based very near the heart of the city. After a FREE 5 minute ferry-tour over the river ‘IJ’ it only takes a 2-5 minute walk to Amsterdam’s charming centre. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Amsterdam. Choose from internationally renowned museums and sights, explore the markets, quirky boutiques and department stores and unwind with a visit to one of the many parksOr explore the more cultural side of Amsterdam with its many exhibitions and festivals. Things to do in Amsterdam

Facilities & check-in

Amsterdam City Camp will be open year-round. The premise has room for more than 50 motorhomes.

  • Free wireless internet
  • There are no toilets or showers
  • No reservations possible
  • Servicestation for wastewater, a chemical toilet and a tap for water
  • Fully surrounded by a fence
  • 24/7 secured by cameras and night surveillance
  • Self-service check-in / check-out (24/7)
  • Payment terminal (payments by debit or credit card)

Prices per day (24 hours)

  • € 15,- per motorhome
  • € 18,- per motorhome high season:
    28/03 – 28/05
    29/06 – 02/08
    27/08 – 10/09
    28/09 – 05/11
    21/12 – 07/01
  • € 21,- per motorhome (03/08 -26/08)
  • € 2,50 per person
  • € 4,- electricity
  • € 1,- per dog (on a leash)

Maps & directions

Amsterdam City Camp is situated in the northern part of Amsterdam which is one of the most up-coming areas. You will find various markets, bazaars, art exhibitions, music, theater and several small shops, cafes and restaurants. Contact- and address

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